Sciatic Nerve Pain Handled by a Chiropractor

With age the discs in the spinal cord naturally tend to become thinner and they dry out, resulting in a weak and malnourished set of discs. This can lead to sciatic nerve damages. What chiropractic treatment does is that it relives this pressure on the sciatic nerve and treats the weak discs which provides comfort. Chiropractors can provide a pain free experience for the patients. 

What is Sciatic Nerve Pain? 

Sciatica is a condition caused by the pinching of the sciatic nerve and over time can lead to sciatic nerve damage. These nerves are located under the gluteal muscles and run down each leg down to the feet. It is however one issue that can be treated with chiropractic treatments that focus on relieving pressure on the nerves that are causing the pain. These nerves are located at the bottom of the spine. 


• Burning in the toes, feet and lower leg. 

• Pain in a single leg which worsens after sitting down. 

• Pain located solely in the buttocks and lower leg

• Lower back pain that shoots down to the legs. 

• Impaired bladder control, weakness in the leg, and numbness and sever leg pain are symptoms of sever sciatic nerve pain. 


X-rays and MRIs can reveal if one has sciatic nerve conditions, and can be diagnosed properly with the help of a chiropractor. The chiropractor will also be able to suggest the best line of effective treatment required for the pain. 


Sometimes basic chiropractic treatments are used with a mixture of other treatments such as spinal decompression to further elevate the pain relief. Treatments like spinal decompression, which allows the water, oxygen and nutrients to come back to the disc hence reliving the patient of their pain by taking pressure off of the nerves and the spinal cord. With each session the spine is gently stretched with relives pressure and allows the disc material to come back to its natural and normal state. Any disc which had deviated away from its natural state and begun to slip, bulge or herniate can come back to place over the treatment time period. The time period for the treatment varies for person to person, since everyone has a different form and degree of trouble. 


Chiropractic helps with pain and all issues related to the intervertebral discs and the material present between the vertebrae which acts as natural shock absorber for the body. All in all, sciatic nerve pain can be handled cured by a chiropractor in Mesa, AZ without the need for any invasive procedures.

Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and sciatic nerve pain.