3 Reasons Not to Adjust Yourself

You’ve probably seen people crack their necks and adjust their own backs. You may have even done it yourself! While it may seem innocent and effective enough, it’s important to understand this is not an effective way to find relief. Chiropractors don’t even adjust themselves! The following are three reasons you should avoid adjusting yourself.

1. Addressing the Proper Joint

When a chiropractor does an adjustment, he or she will conduct an examination first to ensure the proper joint is being realigned. When individuals complete adjustments on their own, they don’t really know what they’re popping. It might make a popping sound, and even offer temporary relief, but it’s more than likely not the proper joint. A chiropractor ensures the right vertebra is popped into place or proper motion is restored to the proper joint.

2. Addressing the Proper Direction

Did you know vertebrae can move 16 directions? Do you know which direction your vertebra needs to be adjusted to find the real relief you’re seeking? Probably not. When you crack your own back, you probably don’t know which direction your vertebra just moved. You just grab the top of your head, give it a twist and push your chin to the side. It’s possible you’re making the situation worse and moving the vertebra further out of place.

3. Addressing the Proper Problem

Performing an adjustment on yourself is really just a temporary fix to a problem that needs a permanent solution. You might claim to feel better immediately after a personal adjustment, but have you ever noticed you’re cracking your back again just 15 or 20 minutes later? This is because when you pop a joint, endorphins are released. These are hormones that release all the feels into your blood stream. The problem is they only hang around for those 15 or 20 minutes that you’re feeling good.

When a chiropractor completes an adjustment, it’s not just those endorphins kicking in to make you feel better. He or she is actually putting the vertebrae where they belong so you can feel better without a rush of endorphins.

Contact the Professionals for More Information

Any time you feel you need a quick, self-done adjustment, take just 30 seconds to review these reasons in your mind. It may seem like a good idea at first, but you won’t find lasting relief from doing it, and you could end up hurting yourself. Instead, contact a professional who can adjust you the right way so you can feel lasting relief. Contact a chiropractor, for more information or to schedule an appointment today.