COVID-19: Precautions For Elders

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, it seems as though everything is moving at an exponential speed. For seniors, they may not be certain about how best to move forward. The following is a brief guide on precautions and steps that seniors can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Cancel Any Non-Essential Doctor’s Appointments

The best way to stay safe is to reschedule any upcoming medical appointment that is not immediately needed. This includes any elective procedures, follow-ups on an already stable condition, or a regular check up. Although inconvenient, it’s best to avoid anything that is nonessential as you don’t want to potentially expose yourself to the virus. 

Talk with your healthcare provider or home health aide and see if there is a way to make the appointment a digital one. Many health centers already offer digital appointments for patients with limited mobility; thus, there is a chance that you can still keep your appointment without breaking your social distance!

Stock Up On Necessary Groceries and Toiletries

If you feel as though you may be at risk for COVID-19, it might be helpful to stock up on necessary groceries, health supplements, and toiletry needs. These include things such as toothpaste, dry pantry staples, and canned goods. You, or your home health aide, can also partake in a light bit of “meal prepping:” this is where you make a large amount of a dish and freeze it for the future. 

Have Your Groceries Delivered or Picked Up

It should be noted that you can do your grocery shopping without going to the store! Places such as Walmart, Costco, and Target allow for you to purchase online, and then have your groceries either delivered, or picked up outside. You can also have a home health aide or family member do your shopping for you!

This option is being highlighted because many people are currently “panic buying,” which has caused a lot of individuals to rush grocery stores and purchase vast swaths of one product. A home health aide in Boynton Beach would probably describe it as the similar phenomenon of hurricane season! Still, the CDC is recommending a period of avoiding large crowds. As of this moment, many grocery stores tend to be somewhat crowded!

Have Your Medications Switched to Mail Order

This preventative step walks hand in hand with the previous one: the CDC has recommended that elders should switch their medications to order by mail for the time being. This allows for you to get your medications while avoiding an unnecessary crowd at the pharmacy.