Where do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants?

celebrities get hair transplants

When it comes to the appearance of celebrities, the public generally has the idea of a celebrity on the red carpet with a bright smile and a healthy head of hair. Celebrities are not perfect, and they can also suffer from hair loss just like the general public. When hair loss strikes a celebrity, they often turn to hair restoration to gain a full head of hair that makes them ready for the red carpet. However, many movie stars and television actors do not want the public to know they had surgical help when it comes to their scalp. If they want to keep their hair restoration procedure a secret from their fans, where exactly do celebrities get hair transplants?

One of the most logical, and obvious, answer to this question is Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles is located in the heart of the entertainment industry and is in close proximity to other cities such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Since many celebrities live and/or work in these cities, it is only natural they would want to stay close to home when it comes to having a medical procedure. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeons are often visited by celebrities in search of a way to restore their hairline while also keeping the procedure anonymous, so it is not common knowledge to the public.

Many celebrities have a team of assistants that help with the research process in order to identify a doctor that can provide the appearance they want to their hairline. Others might take a more “hands-on” approach when it comes to selecting their surgeon. Hair transplant surgeons are not allowed to publicly identify the identities of their patients (without the express written approval of the patient). This gives celebrities the privacy they desire when it comes to having hair restoration surgery. Some doctors are also known to take extra steps when it comes to celebrity clients by helping them enter, and leave, the medical office at less crowded times or by allowing them to enter and leave via a staff entrance so they are not easily viewed by the public.

No matter where celebrity hair transplant surgery is performed, celebrities are just like their fans in that they want to gain a healthier and more youthful hairline. The final results of a follicular unit extraction hair transplant or a follicular unit transplantation hair transplant are natural in appearance and will be enjoyed for a lifetime by the celebrity.