The Importance of Seeing the Same Physical Therapist for Your Care

If you are going through physical therapy treatment, you are likely aware of the amount of personalized care that goes into each session. Every patient’s needs are different, and each patient reacts to different therapies in different ways. This is why it is so beneficial to see the same physical therapist throughout your entire treatment. He or she will be with you for the whole process and can better make determinations about your progress and future care.

Accurate Monitoring of Progress

If you are seeing a different physical therapist at each visit, they can only base your treatment on progress notes in your chart. Even if the notes are extremely detailed, there are some things that a new provider will just not know about your situation. When you are using the same care provider at each appointment, he or she knows how well you are progressing in your care. Things that might seem insignificant to one provider can show great improvements in your therapy for another.

Trusting Relationship

It can be awkward to meet a new healthcare provider and to discuss your treatment needs with them. This can become frustrating if you are having to meet a different provider at every single visit. When you have the same physical therapist time after time, you are able to relax and trust that he or she knows your case well. This can have significant weight on the outcome of your overall treatment.

Personalized Treatment Plan

In every field, people have their own way of doing things. Even if the nuances are only slight, each physical therapist will have a different approach to certain aspects of care. If you see the same provider, you will have more consistent results overall. Even slight changes in your therapy can slow down your progression, and it is better if you are closely monitored by a single provider. In this way, you can feel confident that you are getting personalized care.

Choosing any type of medical provider is a lofty decision. You must make sure that their treatment methods and philosophies align with your treatment goals. Choosing a physical therapist is a very personal decision, and you should do your ample research before selecting a provider. Researching providers that have more experience in certain areas of care can be helpful, as well as reading patient reviews. When you do your background work, you can feel confident in your choice of your physical therapy provider. Contact someone about getting physical therapy, like physical therapy from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, today for more information.