Questions and Answers Regarding Chiropractic Treatment

Going to the chiropractor for the first time is going to undoubtedly create some questions. You may not understand how adjustments work, what type of payments a chiropractor accepts and what types of issues they can treat. The following are some common questions and answers regarding chiropractic treatment to give you some initial insight.

What Does Chiropractic Treatment Cost?

Each chiropractor is going to charge a different fee for treatment. You may pay per appointment, or you may be asked to pay for the course of treatment as a whole. The good news is, more insurance companies are now recognizing chiropractic treatment as an effective procedure for a variety of health issues, so your insurance coverage could include chiropractic care. It’s important you speak with your chiropractor to find out what you can expect to pay, and it’s important you speak with your insurance company to be sure they cover your chiropractor.

If you are on a government-assisted health insurance program, be sure you mention that to the chiropractic staff. Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare and similar programs are designed to help individuals in certain income brackets, but many of those programs eliminate your ability to take advantage of promotional offers. If this is a concern to you, you should speak with your chiropractor to find out whether it’d be less expensive to use your coverage or to pay on your own using the promotion.

What Do Adjustments Treat?

Patients have experienced relief of various problems after receiving a chiropractic adjustment. Some common issues that are treated include headaches, back pain and neck pain. Others include insomnia, bed wetting, ADHD, knee pain, shoulder pain, nausea and a host of other problems.

Is Chiropractic Care Addicting?

There are some who feel chiropractic care must be addicting because patients often go back for more, time and time again. Chiropractic treatment doesn’t include any medications or other addictive substances, so it is not addicting. It does feel amazing, however, so patients could be “addicted” to the idea of feeling good and finding that pain relief they’ve been seeking. Just as your twice-yearly trips to the dentist and your yearly visits to a physician ensure your well-being, regular chiropractic visits also aid in proper health, and none of those visits end with an addiction.

Getting Your Questions Answered

Chances are you have more questions you’d like answers to. For those answers, or to schedule an appointment, contact a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, today.