How to Restore Curly Hair

Hair Restoration Doctor

Patients that want to address their hair loss do not all have the same type of hair on the scalp. Patients with curly hair often have a great deal of concern about their possible hair transplant because they are not sure if their curly hair can be restored on the scalp. The character of the hair of the individual (curly or straight) can play a part in devising a personal treatment plan along with the extent of the hair loss and the thickness of the hair. 

In general, curly hair transplant is a slightly more complex hair restoration procedure that can require a precise touch. The structure of the hair follicle of curly hair differs from that of straight hair and the shape is often a spiral one from the tip all the way down to the root. In order to be able to keep the structure of the transplanted hair graft intact and healthy, the surgeon must have the necessary skills and experience to handle the hair grafts with care while extracting them from the donor area and then implanting them in premade incisions on the scalp. The structure of a curly hair follicle can also make it quite tricky to match the natural direction or flow of the hair on the scalp.

Having said that, curly hair does have some advantages when it comes to the hair transplant process. There are even some surgeons who prefer to work with curly hair as it can require a smaller number of hair strands to cover the same area of balding as straight hair. In addition, curly hair can provide results that look fuller, thicker, and more voluminous in appearance (because of the nature of curly hair). 

Patients that are worried about losing the qualities of their curly hair after it is transplanted should not be concerned. Once the hair grafts are placed in the recipient area of the scalp, it will take on the same characteristics of the native curly hair. 

It is true that there are multiple variations when it comes to curly hair and the fact that there are different types of curly hair means the most effective type of hair transplant might vary per patient. As explained by hair restoration experts, the overall skill and experience of the surgeon will play a big part in the appearance of the final results as well as creating and executing the most effective course of action for the chosen hair transplant procedure. 

For more in-depth information regarding various forms of curly hair restoration, we recommend consulting with an experienced hair restoration doctor. A hair restoration doctor will be able to offer recommendations for hair restoration that best suit your hair type.