Different Chiropractic Patients Are Adjusted in Different Ways

Chiropractic care, like from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, is a form of treatment that can assist with a variety of different issues. From back pain to headaches and anxiety to injuries, different techniques can help. Instead of adjusting every patient the same way, chiropractors use various examination methods to determine which adjustments will best help each specific patient.

Going Over Your Health History

At the patient’s first visit, the chiropractor will typically go over the patient’s health history. This might include past diseases, illnesses, injuries and surgeries. It might also include information about the patient’s parents, siblings and other relatives. If there is anything in a patient’s health history that concerns the chiropractor, he or she may dig deeper to learn more, and might also refer the patient to a medical doctor for follow up before chiropractic adjustments are made.

Completing a Manual Examination

One of the best ways a chiropractor can understand what an individual patient needs is by completing a manual examination. Everyone’s bodies feel different to a chiropractor, and he or she can pinpoint the issue that needs fixing in order to alleviate your pain. After gentle movements and pressure, you can tell the chiropractor what it felt like. The chiropractor might also ask you to perform certain movements so he or she can see and feel how your body moves.

The chiropractor might also test a patient’s strength and neurological integrity with a series of exercises. A posture analysis might help him or her determine what adjustments need to be made, and the patient might also have his or her blood pressure, pulse and reflexes checked.

Undergoing Diagnostic Studies

Diagnostic studies aren’t always used when a chiropractor is determining a course of treatment, but they can be helpful in certain situations. If the patient is experiencing serious pain and the chiropractor feels he or she needs to see a physician, an x-ray might be ordered to be sure. If it seems the patient is being affected by a series of injuries related to torn muscles and nerve damage, the chiropractor might order an MRI. A urinalysis might also be ordered, and there are a few others that a patient might undergo.

Contacting a Professional

Every patient has unique issues he or she is dealing with. Whether you were recently injured, have a history of back problems or are hoping to improve agility, chiropractic treatment might be the answer. Contact a professional chiropractor today to get started.