Can You Get Addicted to Chiropractic Care?

To some it seems like a silly question, to others it seems quite serious. Can you get addicted to chiropractic care? There are individuals out there who worry that once they go in for an adjustment, they’ll have to keep going back, making them addicted to the care. The following gives you a better idea of why chiropractic care is not addictive.

Taking Care of Your Body

When you brush your teeth every morning, do you consider yourself a dental hygiene addict? When you go in for a hair color treatment every few months, do you think of yourself as a hair coloring addict? Probably not. Chiropractic care is another way of taking care of your body. It makes you feel good, just like washing your face, taking an antibiotic to heal an infection, or trimming your nails makes you feel good. If you consider self care addictive, then chiropractic treatment could also be considered addictive, but most people simply feel it’s a necessity to their overall wellbeing.

Going Back for Multiple Visits

There are a few instances in which you might go back to the chiropractor for multiple visits following your initial adjustment. Going back doesn’t make you an addict. It makes you an individual who is aware of his or her health needs. The following are some times you might make multiple visits:

  • Correcting the Root Problem – In many cases, visiting the chiropractor is a solution to a root problem. You may have headaches, hip pain or other issues, but the root problem is a misaligned spine. Fixing subluxation can often take multiple visits, especially if a patient has never been to the chiropractor before.
  • Additional Issues – Chiropractic care can be used to remedy a variety of issues. If you have been to a chiropractor for one issue, you may consider it as treatment for additional issues. Sometimes the initial adjustment corrects a variety of problems, and other times it takes those additional visits.
  • Ongoing Health – Sometimes you just don’t know when your spine is out of alignment. Regular visits to your chiropractor could be as beneficial as your regular, twice-yearly dental cleanings or yearly physicals.

Contacting a Chiropractor Today

Chiropractic care is not addictive. Though you may enjoy feeling good and want to go back for more, that’s simply a desire to keep yourself healthy, which is not the definition of addiction. Contact a skilled chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Glen Burnie, MD, to schedule a visit or to learn more about the benefits of chiropractics.

Thanks to Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into the benefits and importance of chiropractic care, as well as debunking the misconception that it can be addictive.