What to Do Between Chiropractic Appointments For The Most Complete Care.

What to Do Between Chiropractic Appointments

When you go see a chiropractor, there’s generally something specific you’re dealing with. Sometimes you have vague reasoning because you have simply realized how good you feel after chiropractic care, but most of the time there’s some condition or issue you’re targeting. Regardless of the reason, there are often some things you will be asked to do between appointments for the most complete and accurate care. 

Home Exercises

Sometimes the pain you’re feeling has to do with subluxation and a combination of other factors. After a chiropractor completes an initial assessment, he or she will have a better idea of why you’re suffering. For this reason, it’s possible the chiropractor will ask you to complete some exercises at home between your appointments so that your body is ready for the next adjustment at a later date.

For example, if you are seeing a chiropractor for shoulder subluxation and it is going to require multiple appointments, the chiropractor may ask you to do some lifting exercises in order to strengthen the muscle that is being stabilized. The chiropractor’s job is to balance and stabilize the muscles, and it’s your job to strengthen them so they are ready for another adjustment.

Lifestyle Changes

If changing your lifestyle is something you can do without losing a job or anything drastic, the chiropractor may ask you to change a few things. For example, if you compete in a voluntary wrestling league for fun but you keep getting injured, the chiropractor might recommend you change your hobby. There are other things associated with wrestling that you could do that won’t give you the same physical injuries.

If you don’t want to make those lifestyle changes that could avoid the injury altogether, the chiropractor might suggest other changes. Using the wrestling example, he or she might suggest you have a longer rest between matches, or that you only compete once per week instead of multiple times.

At-Home Care

There are other things your chiropractor may recommend for specific injuries. These might include icing or heating the area, applying a certain ointment, elevating a limb or other types of at-home care.

Getting Started with an Experienced Professional

You can choose to do some of these things yourself, but you may not know what changes to make and what routines to begin. When you get the help of an experienced professional, you typically end up with better results. To get started with treatment for your issue, contact a chiropractor, today.