Support Your Inner Healer: Innate and Qi

Chiropractic and Acupuncture healthcare work to ignite the body’s healing resources to help the body heal itself. These drugless mainstays of alternative medicine recognize that each of us has within us the means to fix ourselves. Applied carefully and with the best intent, healing remedies that emphasize native energy support are our best option for healing on many levels. Numerous people each day select nondrug remedies for their effectiveness and because non-chemical treatments pose no additional side effects.

The body’s internal healing resources divide into body systems such as the circulatory system that delivers blood and the respiratory system responsible for air transport. Nondrug healing methods support the proper function of these body systems. The nervous system transmits nerve energy, and the excretory system helps expel waste products. There are other systems responsible for hormone production, muscle, and bone production, and reproduction, to name a few. The blockage of these innate systems causes problems; early detection and correction of qi/innate energy blockage support better system function. 

 The integration of these significant body systems is a monumental task and, like a clock, runs smoothly until problems arise.  Even then, the body has automatic repair mechanisms to correct imperfections small and large before we notice them. Nonetheless, external factors such as exposure to too much cold or heat, injury, or other forms of stress cause disturbance in our internal milieu and affect our body’s ability to heal itself. Many of us live stress-filled lives and suffer from maladies that reflect a breakdown of some internal healing systems.

Health problems are the natural result of systems gone awry. We may experience cold hands or feet, shoulder pain, and tightness, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, to name a few. These symptoms are not due to a lack of a pain pill or because we need surgery to remove some organ or implant a new device. Instead, many symptoms we experience result from stagnation or blockage of our body’s innate healing response. These blockages reflect early in the body as pain and subluxation of the spine, altered blood flow in the pulses, and other areas.  Chiropractors and acupuncturists detect and fix blockages.

Using skillful palpation, chiropractic physicians work to detect regions of spinal irritation that reflect vertebral, nerve, organ, and other system problems. The nervous system, protected by the spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments, both sends and receives nerve input from all body systems. Issues of body systems portray in the nervous system; related spinal segments exhibit tightness and tenderness. Left untended, these regions will stagnate, resulting in spine and nerve degeneration. A chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC can mobilize the spine to restore nerve and spine integrity. Periodic spine evaluation and treatment will help support system health in many ways.

 Similarly, acupuncturists detect system imbalance using wrist pulse analysis, tongue inspection, and global evaluation of other areas. Licensed acupuncture practitioners determine acute and chronic areas of meridian qi imbalance and work to correct qi flow impediments using acupuncture techniques. Chinese medicine is a helpful modality to balance yin and yang- the embodiment of our nervous system.  Massage and needle acupuncture restore system integrity throughout the body.

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into chiropractic care and how to support your inner healer.