Rogaine and Propecia: Are they Effective?

Rogaine and Propecia: Are they Effective?

No doubt you have probably heard of Rogaine or Propecia. Men use these two popular medications to promote hair growth and to stop hair loss. The one question that most patients have before using either product is if they work. Here is what you need to know about Rogaine and Propecia before you start to use either.

What Is Rogaine?

Rogaine’s main ingredient is minoxidil. Minoxidil increases blood flow by widening the blood vessels. When you apply Rogaine to your scalp, it relaxes the muscle walls and allows the blood to flow to your scalp and hair follicles. Due to this, your hair follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen. This is what promotes your hair growth. Instead of stopping hair loss, Rogaine actively aids in the growth of new hair.

At first, you may experience rapid hair loss. This is temporary and is simply the shedding of your resting hairs. The hair regrows in its growing phase and becomes noticeably thicker.

What Is Propecia?

Propecia’s main ingredient is finasteride. Finasteride prevents hair loss because it stops testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone. This androgenic hormone leads to damaged hair follicles in men. Propecia is the barrier that prevents your body’s testosterone from becoming DHT. When it does this, your hair follicles will not suffer damage.

Do They Work?

The question that most ask is if Rogaine or Propecia works. The answer is that they do. Both medications have undergone scientific studies that show that they can either stop hair loss or promote growth of new hair. When it comes to hair loss treatment studies, both of these come out on top as far as effectiveness.

Can You Take Them Together?

You’ve heard of Rogaine and Propecia; did you know that it’s safe to take them together? In fact, studies show that you can use the two together to fight hair loss and to help regrow hair. If you want to maintain your hair, it may be a good idea to use both. Of course, it’s always important to talk to a doctor before you choose either product.

When it comes to Rogaine and Propecia, both are popular products that men can use to help promote hair growth and stop hair loss. It’s important to remember that they are two different medications with two different purposes. Both may leave your hair thicker and lead to less hair loss, but they both have separate purposes. If you’re interested in stopping hair loss today, consult with a doctor with a background in hair loss.

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