Relaxation and Healing

Our body’s healing response improves when we repose, and relaxation is integral in healing regimes across the globe. Nonetheless, many things get in the way of calming restfulness when we need to improve our health, and this impacts our ability to engage our innate support system. When we have back pain or headaches, cold symptoms, shoulder pain, or virtually any other body problem, rest helps everything work better. There is a multitude of reasons why we don’t get the rest we need to heal when we’re sick or injured. It is essential to acknowledge the benefits of sleep and relaxation so that we can incorporate its recuperative benefits when we need it most if not every day. Otherwise, it is possible to get stuck in a nonrecuperative cycle of pain and stress.

Part of the problem with getting proper rest lies in identifying what constitutes good rest. While its definition may be different for each person, restorative relaxation can be defined for each of us if we think about it. Proper rest for each of us generally involves several key components such as nonuse of injured or hurt regions.  Rest improves in a comfortable environment that is a comfortable temperature and quiet. People need to be able to reduce stress and mental activity to rest well. Ask your chiropractor or acupuncturist about how to incorporate more truly relaxing activities in your day. 

Some activities are not as helpful for relaxation as others.  For instance, many people play games or facebook surf as a means to relax. However, holding onto a technology device is itself a stressor and the inclined head posture while using it only hurts matters.  Additionally, when one looks at a screen directly in front of their eyes for long periods, this shortens their vision and affects the brain and vision. Furthermore, many of the things we see online do not lend themselves to relaxation. Television watching can pose similar issues that impede relaxation, although at least one can assume a more relaxed extended posture while sitting before a television show. An excellent alternative to this type of activity might be to go outside and take a leisurely walk, listen to music, or stretch out in a warm bath.   

Similarly, many people relax by drinking alcohol or by eating comfort food. Beer and wine have their place, yes; but alcohol is a toxin and creates physical stress that impedes the healing response. Comfort foods loaded with salt and sugar and, while easy and tasty, will not support health in the end. A better option might be to drink a cup of Sleepytime tea to relax, or a spritzer with lavender, rosemary or chamomile all three of which help to reduce stress and cortisol. 

Contact an alternative medicine practitioner for acupuncture treatment in Chapel Hill, NC and more information about to use rest to heal. It’s nature’s gift to you.

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture for their insight into acupuncture for relaxation and healing.