How It Feels to Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

People who are new to chiropractic may be hesitant because of what they’re worried they might feel. The good news is most patients feel better following an adjustment, but there are some things you should understand. The following describes a little about what you’ll feel after a chiropractic adjustment.

Feeling Better

In most cases, you’ll feel better immediately following your adjustment, though this does vary from individual to individual. If it has been a long time since your spine become out of alignment, it’s possible you’ll feel better right away, but will also require more work at a later time. If what you’re feeling doesn’t last, don’t be discouraged. Many individuals feel better immediately, but require a few more visits before permanent relief. An adjustment can also help you relax and become more flexible.

Feeling Discomfort

Especially in patients who have never had an adjustment, discomfort could accompany an adjustment. The body can get used to the way you carry yourself and the way your spine is aligned. If it has been out of alignment for a significant amount of time, your body finds ways to make up for it. When you are adjusted and back in alignment, your body could feel weird for a short period of time.

It’s possible you’ll also feel sore after an adjustment. Have you ever gone on a long walk for the first time during spring and been sore the next morning? It’s a good-sore and it doesn’t last for more than a day. That is the same type of soreness you might feel after a chiropractic adjustment. If your discomfort lasts longer than just one day, it’s important you speak with your chiropractor about that.

Feeling Nothing

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t feel any change after a chiropractic adjustment. Some bodies just take a little longer to get used to the adjustment. It’s likely you’ll notice the difference at a later time. For example, if you are being adjusted in hopes of alleviating chronic headaches, it’s possible you’ll go for a week without a headache before you realize it’s been a while.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Chiropractic care is beneficial in so many ways, but if you’re worried about what you might feel after an adjustment, you could be hesitant to receive the care you need. Understand that chiropractic adjustments don’t injure you or cause a lot of pain. They are gentle movements that work toward your overall wellbeing. Contact a chiropractor for car accident medical treatment today to schedule your next appointment.