Healthy Diet to Preserve Your Child’s Teeth

The life of a child is supposed to be sweet and happy, free of stress and worry. However, too much sweet can lead to problems with your child’s teeth. Granted, many of your child’s teeth are baby teeth that will fall out anyway, making room for permanent teeth, but it is still necessary to ensure the health of these temporary fixtures. If no care is given to your child’s temporary smile, then you make risk instilling bad habits or worse, tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, while it is tempting to give your child whatever they desire, it is essential that they maintain a healthy diet to protect their teeth, temporary and otherwise.

Things to Avoid

The obvious culprits of early tooth decay are foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates, like candy and potato chips. However, that does not mean that these foods need to be limited altogether. Children and even adults can indulge in the occasional treat, but it should never become a staple in their diets. Although, it is also important to note that some healthy foods also carry risks. For example, raisins and granola bars can stick to the teeth after eating, which can lead to problems if not removed after eating. The general rule is that when anyone indulges in sugary foods, they should brush their teeth afterward to clean away any residual sugars.

Be Careful of Beverages

Beverages can lead to more tooth decay than food because of the acidity and sugars in some drinks, especially those marketed toward children. Therefore, while your child may love those sugary or caffeinated drinks, it is best to limit them to mealtimes only. This goes for more than just soda, however, because fruit juices and even milk can negatively affect oral health. The reason these healthy beverages are problematic is because of the sugars in them. Although, children should still drink milk and other drinks. You, as their parent, only need to limit the amounts and times they consume them. For example, by letting your children have these drinks with meals and then encouraging brushing afterward, you help them eliminate excess sugars that linger behind, and you teach them good and healthy routines. For other times during the day, provide your child with plenty of water, especially if they like to have something overnight.

Balanced Diet

The best way to prevent tooth decay and oral health issues in children is to provide them a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. By feeding your child this way and encouraging regular brushing, at least twice daily, you should avoid any significant problems.

Don’t get overly stressed out about your child’s diet. If you have any¬†questions, then contact a local dentist.

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